• Plot 2442 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Abuja, Nigeria

Message from the CHAIRMAN

“We at Lento Group are always committed to ensuring that our clients are satisfied in every industry where we have our footprint. We work to make sure this objective is met through the services we offer and our high quality, state-of-the-art products. Being an organization with a rich history and a long-standing brand, we continue to find innovative ways to keep serving our clients better. Lento Group has been able to achieve extraordinary success through its various businesses by building on our experience of over 30 years and leveraging our expertise, which spans the manufacturing, construction, real estate and property development, and hospitality sectors.

We also believe that an exceptional organization is nowhere without the people who work to make it so. Our opinion is that people create wealth, while companies report it. That is why we hire and retain the very best talents in every area of our organization”

Dr. Lawrence N. Ojemeni (MFR)

CHAIRMAN, Lento Group

You Should Know

To build lifetime relationships with our customers and communities by providing excellent, innovative services and outstanding, high-quality products.

We aim to be the premiere and leading organization for customer service delivery in every sector and businesses where we operate, with a brand that is synonymous with excellence and value.